Announcement – December 4, 2018
We are considering creating a private blog, in addition to the current blog for everyone who would want to interact with others of like mind, and engage with questions regarding the Transmissions published, and on the VOLAH Blog.
The private blog will be by invitation only and not for the general public.
In order to gauge the interest as such, we ask that anyone interested should email us. In that way if there is sufficient interest to create a quorum then we will move forward on the project.
Email us: emissary@onelight.one and we will reply accordingly.


Now you can break free from life’s limitations and cast aside all fear, such as the fear of being unloved, and fears of death, disease, failure and poverty.
Experience the inner power of Light that very few people attain during their lifetime.
These Transmissions will change your life and consciousness forever; a change that allows you to rise above worldly limitations, to where you live in this moment in the Light of the Creation.
Do you know how to make a real change in consciousness?
Do you know what holds your Personality in bondage to illusion and ignorance?
If you cannot truthfully answer these questions, then you must realize that somehow you need to learn what you should do to find your way out of this maze of illusion and suffering.
For many years now Zadore has inspired my writing the VOLAH Transmissions, which, when studied and applied to your life, strip away the negative aspects of your Illusionary controlled Personality, revealing the inner Light within.
There is a vast and greater world within your consciousness, which Jesus has called the Kingdom Within.
When your Personality is identified with the Astral Illusion, it denies the existence of the inner states of consciousness, and your Personality is led to believe that the shadow cast by the Astral Illusion represents the reality of life.
Have you ever thought that there is a higher consciousness which exists beyond the repetitive mechanical state that controls your life?
If so, then how can you access and reach into this level of being that only a few individuals have succeeded in attaining?
“You have to develop the will and desire to jump off this merry-go-round called life, reach inwardly and experience something vast and more real than the sensual world that you consider to be real.”
Humanity has lost its way and has become completely identified with the world based on what is experienced by the outer senses, and they believe this to be the reality.
By studying the VOLAH Transmissions you are given the privilege to transform your outer Personality of all the negative attitudes and emotions that chain you to this repetitive and recurring existence, by forces that appear to be beyond your control.
Changing your way of thinking and feeling allows you to access this inner state of Light and freedom, as well as becoming aware of the mess that humanity has created, where it lurches from one disaster to another.
There is no change in the world, only compromise, where all disasters, whether financial, war, disease and environmental issues, are precipitated by previous conditions which lead the generations nowhere, always re-experiencing the same thing over and over, only it is dressed differently.
Governments think they are taking action to make changes in the world, believing they are making decisions that will rectify all problems facing humanity, whereas, in fact, they are continually addressing effects, and these initiatives become new effects.
Humanity is asleep to the actuality of Life, locked in an illusion, believing they are progressing to some mythical goal, and unaware that their life is not moving forward, but is tracing a path around the same circle of events.
You have to develop the will and desire to jump off this merry-go-round called life, reach inwardly and experience something vast and more real than the sensual world that you consider to be real.
You cannot reach this state of Being by reading books, following rituals, and doing initiations. All inner development and transformation of consciousness is attained through learning and applying daily the higher knowledge that exists beyond the world of the senses.
“Following feelings of hopelessness, and tired of the negative emotional responses that everyone shares, you begin to search for different knowledge, a different education that leads beyond the repetitive illusion of life”.
How do fears originate in your consciousness?
You are born into a body called the Earth Body, which is distinct from your Inner Being. At the moment of birth your body’s consciousness is controlled by an inner intelligence called the Light Essence.
Your Light Essence is connected to your higher consciousness centers which are, in turn, connected with your Higher Self and the Creative Impulse of all life.
However, the Light Essence has a limited influence on the body’s consciousness depending on its development in the previous recurring lives you experienced in this Dimension.
If, in these previous recurrences, the Personality lived mainly through the outer senses and the Illusion, your Essence would have experienced little development in consciousness. At the beginning of this present life cycle, and because the Personality begins to dominate the outer consciousness of the body from the age of four, your Light Essence remains at the same level of consciousness as it was when you were born.
Yet the whole purpose of life in a body in this Dimension is to develop and enrich the consciousness of Essence.
As I just said, at the age of four you begin to develop your Personality, which is the natural and normal stage ofgrowth of consciousness in the body. As your Personality develops over the ensuing years, it virtually walls out and prevents any direct contact in consciousness with your Light Essence.
As you develop and enrich your Personality through parental influences, school education and experiences through your outer senses, you become competent in handling all of life’s functions in the world. You learn to become more astute in your dealings with others, and become proficient in different work situations, and may even be seen as being an important person in your community who is looked to for advice and help.
You may have read the story in the New Testament, where Jesus said, “Indeed how difficult it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Here, Jesus was referring to a person with an enriched personality, identified with their position and being vain and proud. Such a person has little chance of developing their Light Essence and spreading the Creative Light in the world.
“Now you can reclaim that brilliant Pearl, your Essence, which has been enclosed in the shell, and radiate the brillance in the world for the Earth and all its forms. In turn, you will re-connect your consciousness with your Inner Self’s Light and the Creative Impulse of the Universe”.
When your Personality reaches this level of outer development, it is at the point where you should become aware that there is something very wrong with life; that your life seems to be going nowhere; that events and experiences are recurring over the ensuing weeks; that you are making the same mistakes and constantly suffering as a result.
Following feelings of hopelessness, and tired of the negative emotional responses that everyone shares, you begin to search for a different knowledge, a different education that leads beyond the repetitive illusion of life.
Having reached this level of feeling, you are attracted to a new knowledge that is not found in the general education of the outer world, a knowledge that awakens you from a deep state of sleep of Personality in the Illusion.
Zadore’s Transmissions are sent from the higher realm of consciousness, where your Inner Self has its Being. As you develop your knowledge and understanding of these higher principles in your Personality, you harmonize your outer being with the Consciousness and Light of Self, and this begins the opening of Light Essence in your outer consciousness.
This shell that Personality has formed around your Light Essence can be likened to a chicken’s egg. Within the shell is the germ located in the yolk, which contains all the elements to feed the germ. Over a period of time the germ develops, and when the chicken is formed, the shell cracks open and the fully developed chicken is hatched.
Similarly, your Light Essence may be likened to the germ, and the Personality to the hard shell surrounding it; but here there are no elements present for the development of Essence, as there is in an egg yolk.
The higher principles, revealed by Zadore’s Transmissions, must pass through the shell of your Personality in order that your Essence can receive the Light elements for its growth and manifestation in the world.
Up until this point, because of your dependence on Personality and the outer knowledge of your senses, you have been asleep to the true state of your Inner Being, living your life in a repetitive mechanical manner, isolated, suffering, and living in fear in a life hostile to your well-being.
In life’s Illusion everyone believes that everything is improving and that eventually there will be no more war, poverty, separation and disease, because technology will solve all life’s problems and there will eventually be utopia on earth; but little do they realize that nothing has changed for thousands of years, because everyone is locked in the repetitive loop of time.
Human consciousness has always been repressed and kept at a level of consciousness that limits all inner development, and because the mass consciousness of humanity is manipulated and remains in a sleep-like state, there can be nothing else but suffering and poverty.
You cannot change the world, but you can change your own state of being, and in turn change the world around you.
In the book, “One Light”, I wrote about the experiences that Rose, Carl and I had following the discovery of the Capsule at Pallett Creek, and the resultant contact with Zadore and the Transmissions that changed our consciousness.
I have been inspired by Zadore to write the VOLAH Transmissions, which will free your imprisoned Light Essence from your Personality’s domination in the Illusion. Now you can reclaim that brilliant Pearl, your Essence, which has been enclosed in its shell, and radiate its brilliance in the world for the Earth and all its forms. In turn, you will re-connect your consciousness with your Inner Self’s Light and the Creative Impulse of the Universe.
Your opening in Light is not based on personal illumination that increases the vanity of Personality; rather, it will complete your purpose in life now, which is to increase the Light Consciousness of the Earth.
Zadore has created the Vortex of Light and Healing, VOLAH, and already many who have studied the Transmissions have moved their consciousness into the outer fields of the Vortex.
Now, through the VOLAH Transmissions, everyone awaiting the final transformation of consciousness will move into the Vortex, increasing its power in this Dimension and ending the negative impact of the Astral Illusion.
The Astral Time Loop is fast coming to an end, and with it we will see the destruction of those negative organizations, such as religions, financial, scientific research, military, political, and many others that support the Illusion.
There have been previous Time Loops, and all ended with wholesale destruction of humanity. Those who survived, being trapped in a repetitive loop, started again civilization’s inevitable march to destruction through the manipulation by the Astral consciousness.
However, Zadore has prepared to end the negative cycle of destruction by creating the Vortex of Light and Healing that will replace the Illusion in human consciousness, integrating the power of Light and freedom for all humanity and the Earth. The Light is so intense that it will repel the Astrals and their Entities to an existence at a lower dimension of consciousness.
Are you prepared to take the next step for your Inner development, where you will integrate your Light with the Light of the Vortex of Light and Healing?
Do you accept the challenge to restore the Light that was lost to the Earth because of the Astral intervention?
I believe that you care for the welfare of the Earth and all its creatures, and will join with others of like consciousness in fulfilling the Great Prophesy that Zadore revealed to Ma Kwa Hu, Kao Wa Mai and Sizzond, prior to the emergence of this Time Loop.
I invite you to study the VOLAH Transmissions, found in our online library, which will open your consciousness to the inner Light of your Being and the Vortex of Light and Healing.
If you sincerely desire to break free from the limitations and suffering, and want to stop reacting automatically to events that shape and control your life, then you are invited to study the VOLAH Transmissions that will provide you with the key that will open the door within your Being and lead you to Light and freedom, here and now, and not in a future state after the death of your body.
These Transmissions are unique in that they do not recycle old knowledge often claimed by secret organizations to reveal the inner mysteries of life. The VOLAH Transmissions are written in plain language and reveal the way to Light and freedom without any demands: of secret oaths, rituals and initiations that camouflage the truth

In One Light,
Jon Whistler